Ubisoft Gifting Free Month of GeForce NOW Priority to Stadia Gamers

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Back in December, publisher Ubisoft made it very clear to players of its titles that used Stadia would be able to access the same exact titles via Ubisoft Connect, so long as that title was available on PC. I’m happy to report that nothing is changing there, but in a positive move for anyone still upset about losing Stadia, Ubisoft is sending out free Priority subscriptions to GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud-powered gaming service.

The Priority subscription is good for 30 days, but will then switch to the free tier. To utilize this, you’ll simply connect your Ubisoft Connect account to GeForce NOW, which will then provide you the ability to stream your game via NVIDIA’s servers to any device that supports GFN (PC, Mac, Android, etc.).

For some people, this will be welcomed news as GFN is a very solid service that delivers serious computing/gaming power via the cloud.

We are providing you with a unique code redeemable for a free 1-month trial of a GeForce NOW Priority Membership, which will enable you to keep streaming your Ubisoft games across devices. Code expires March 31, 2023, at 3 pm UTC and can only be used once. Membership will be converted to a Free membership at the completion of the promotional membership duration unless you choose to subscribe to a recurring paid membership.

To claim your code, click here and log into your Ubisoft account.



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