The Switch of Google Duo to Google Meet is Complete

Google Duo - Google Meet-1

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We’ve been tracking the transition of Google Duo into Google Meet over the past couple of weeks and are back with one final update. The switch of Google Duo over to Google Meet is complete. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will any day (or minute) now.

Google made another announcement for the change this week, saying that “throughout the month” users will see Google Duo take one last step towaard becoming Google Meet by switching out the Duo icon for Meet’s. My Duo app received an update this morning that did indeed switch it over and Duo is now gone. RIP.

This latest change comes after Google revealed the merger of the two and impending death of Duo, then brought over all of Meet’s features to Duo, and ultimately warned everyone that things were¬†really really changing by renaming the old Meet to “Meet (original).” Now this.

Google Duo to Meet Merger

As an added bonus for the big news, Google announced a new sharing feature to Meet. You’ll soon be able to not only co-watch YouTube videos within Meet and others on a call, you’ll be able to pull up a Spotify playlist and let Premium Spotify users join a group session to curate that list of songs.

To take advantage of this new feature, you’ll tap the 3-dot menu button at the bottom right of a call, then “Activities” within a pop-up menu, and then choose Spotify from the list of available Activities. From there you’ll simply “Start Group Session” and those in the call can join you.

Goodbye, Duo, my love.



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