Spot the Difference: Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs. Z Fold 3 Front Cover Display

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design

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It was originally believed that there wouldn’t be much physical difference between the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the currently available Galaxy Z Fold 3. Thanks to a recently leaked image of the two devices sitting side by side with their cover displays turned on, we can now say that there is a slight difference, one that future buyers should appreciate.

As we can see in the below image, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 appears to have thinner bezels, as well as a slightly wider aspect ratio than the Z Fold 3. In terms of usability and appearance, both of these are welcomed changes. Even the hinge housing looks much more compact. Again, we’re talking about slight changes here, but they are changes.

Samsung will unveil both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 on August 10. We also have new earbuds and smartwatches to look forward to. Samsung has already opened up zero-commitment reservations on its site for all of these devices, so if you’re thinking about snagging something, we highly recommend snagging, simply because Samsung offers fantastic store credit when using their site. Their trade-in deals are also always amazing, too.

Hurry up and arrive, August.

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