Nothing Phone (1) Could be Priced Quite Competitively, Launch in July

Nothing Phone 1

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Thanks to a source within a European retailer, possible pricing and release information for the Nothing Phone (1) has been put online. Take it all with some salt, as nothing is ever confirmed until it actually is, but for now, let’s have some fun and talk about what we’re hearing.

According to a source of Germany’s Allround-PC, Nothing is eyeing a launch date of July 21 for Phone (1). That’s coming up, though, it isn’t specified if that’s the actual street launch date or just the official unveiling date. As for pricing, it’s noted that Nothing is shooting for the 500€ range. If that translates to a possible $500-ish range, then that automatically makes the Nothing Phone (1) a device to watch. Consumers have been clamoring for more options in that price range, so Nothing could be looking to make people happy and not bother to yet compete with the more high-end devices on the market.

If you’re curious what we do know about this phone, it’s not a long list. We know it’ll have a Qualcomm processor, feature Nothing’s own launcher which you can already download and play with, and come equipped with NFC for mobile payments.

Let’s play a game. If the Nothing Phone (1) costs $500, are you at least slightly interested sight unseen? I am!

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