Wait, What Happened With a Google Pixel Watch?

Google Pixel Watch vs Apple Watch

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The sun came out in Portland this weekend for the first time in over a month, temperatures reached almost 70 degrees, The Bad Guys was released, the NBA Playoffs were going off, and I basically turned my phone away from the world, specifically the tech space. What happened during that time? Someone left a Google Pixel Watch at a bar. Can’t make it up.

Alright, so yeah, a Google Pixel Watch was left at a bar/restaurant and someone then sent a bunch of pics of it across the internet and here we are. The folks at Android Central first received them and caught us up on the story, but then the guy who currently has the watch jumped onto reddit to share more details, including more pictures.

The story around how the watch ended up in this guy’s hands is quite silly. Apparently, someone left the watch in a box at a restaurant and the bartender found it. The restaurant then held the watch for several weeks hoping that someone would come back to claim it, only that never happened. The bartender then handed it to his friend, the “tech nerd,” because he figured he’d appreciate it most.

Pictures of the device from top to bottom and sides were then shared, as well as separate pictures of the bands (because the bartender forgot to give them to the friend). On reddit, the guy then posted comparison shots of the Pixel Watch with the Apple Watch 40mm and Galaxy Watch 46mm, showed what it might look like on wrist, and how thick the bezels are.

As for the watch, it definitely looks like a shiny round bulb with stainless steel case. There is a rotating crown that doubles as a button, as well as a couple of side buttons that you can’t really see here. It should be a similar button setup to what most Wear OS watches have. There is also a heartrate sensor on the bottom.

Ready for these?

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

And now the wrist shot:

Google Pixel Watch on Wrist

And here are the Pixel Watch bands, which look proprietarily obnoxious:

Google Pixel Watch Bands

Some notes from the redditor:

  • The watch is dead and won’t charge. He tried two Qi wireless chargers and the PowerShare feature from a Samsung phone, yet nothing. He mentioned that there is some recognition when first placed on a charger, but then it won’t charge.
  • The watch initially booted to a “G” logo at the restaurant, but wouldn’t go past that screen and has since fully died. There may not even be a complete OS on this thing.
  • The watch is about a half-inch thick (!) and 1.5-inches wide.

What a wild situation.



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