Samsung is Still Giving Up to $900 Off the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 line has already been readily available for a solid month now. If you were sold from the minute Samsung announced it, there’s a chance you didn’t hesitate to buy one of the options. If you weren’t quite sold at first, but have now made up your mind, I’ve got good news for you – the big trade-in deals are still there to be had.

Galaxy S22 Ultra up to $900 off

Samsung’s best-in-the-industry trade-in program, that gives you instant cash for your phone to apply towards a Galaxy S22 today, is still offering up to $900 off. That would mean a Galaxy S22 Ultra for as little as $349 today (our review), rather than needing to send in your phone to get the credit applied later or through a refund.

Of course, you’ll need a high-end phone that isn’t that old to get the full $900 off, and currently the only phone that’ll get you that is the Galaxy Fold 3. I can’t imagine many Fold 3 owners are itching to ditch their fancy foldable. However, the values for phones like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra are still at $850, which is crazy good. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is also at $825 and an insane value for those with a 2-year old phone looking to upgrade. Even the Galaxy S21+ is fetching $700 at the moment.

Similar deals for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+

If the Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t the phone for you because you aren’t a Galaxy Note fan, don’t like the look, want a smaller device, or have a slightly smaller budget, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are also seeing mostly the same trade-in values.

The Galaxy S22+, being a $1,000+ device, will get you the same values for trades as we talked about with the S22 Ultra. So that means up to $900 off depending on the phone and paying just $99 today for one.

The smaller, $850 Galaxy S22 is not getting the same values. If you traded in a S21 Ultra to get a regular S22, you’d only get $700. Maybe don’t make that move? The S22+ is only slightly bigger and should provide a far better battery life experience over the S22 (our review).

Samsung’s trade-in program

Somehow new to Samsung’s trade-in program and wondering why we think it’s great?

As I mentioned above, Samsung’s trade-in program is the best because they tell you a value for the phone you are trading in and then give you that value today as an instant discount off your phone purchase. Instead of telling you that they’ll give a refund weeks down the road or send you one of those terrible prepaid gift cards full of the value, they trust that you have the phone you say you do and give you the value today.

When we say that you could get a Galaxy S22+ for $99, you will only pay $99 today. All you have to do is send back your trade-in once you get your new phone and Samsung will then confirm all is good. If you don’t send it to them, obviously they’ll bill you back for that discount they gave you, so don’t lie.

Either way, Samsung’s store is still and probably always will be the best place to buy their new phones. As an added bonus, they have all of those sweet exclusive colorways too.



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