Real or April Fools’: Dyson’s Air Purifying Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Making the rounds this week is the Dyson Zone, a set of air purifying headphones with noise cancellation. Very neat and clever, right? The issue is, no one can seem to tell if they’re actually real or not. With it being so close to April 1 (April Fools’ Day), we’re bound to see a lot of gag products this week, plus Dyson hasn’t provided any availability or pricing specifics to ensure the buying public that these headphones are the real deal.

We have seen many write ups from large tech publications, all diving into features and how the headphone’s filter system will need to be replaced once every year depending on how many pollutants the wearer comes in contact with. There’s almost too much information about the headphones to think they’re fake, but then again, it’s a pair of f*cking Dyson headphones with a face mask and air filtration system attached to them. It’s hysterical.

Why is it a big deal?

Pre-2020, a product like this might’ve been seen as rather silly, but not in our shared reality that is the COVID-19 pandemic. While things are beginning to settle back down and restrictions are lifting, the virus is still out there, with plenty of people likely sparing no expensive to keep themselves safe. Dyson is in a position to capitalize on this, as their products are always seen as very high-end, thanks to wonderful product design and next level marketing. They’re like the Apple of vacuums. They may not actually be the best, but they sell like crazy because they’re seen as a status symbol.

We have yet to see any 3rd-party in-depth hands on with the Dyson Zone, but at least one YouTuber has posted a Short showing off what’s assumed to be a prototype. It’s not like you can’t pay a YouTuber to be in on the joke, though.

What do you think? Is this a real product or not? Ever since the Oscar’s slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock, I’ve been questioning my reality a whole lot more. What’s truly real anymore? God help us.



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