One of Our Favorite Watch Face Apps, Pujie Black, Gets Major 5.0 Update

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Pujie Black, easily one of our favorite watch face apps for Wear OS, just got a major 5.0 update! According to the developer, it’s now ready for all Wear OS 3 devices, complete with total Galaxy Watch 4 support, as well as better support for rectangular watches like the Oppo Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch.

You can view the entire changelog below, but the highlights for me include a gorgeous new Dark Mode, this new elements layout for easier creation, plus improved animation control. It looks like a solid update.

What’s New in 5.0

  1. Element based. All parts are moved to one big list of elements. These elements consist of the previously available custom elements (Live Texts & Complications), but also all the other parts, like the watch hands, graphics, tickmarks & numbers, digital clocks, date labels, progress circles, indicators & tap targets. Your older presets will automatically be converted to the new format.
  2. Rectangular previews. You can now set the phone app to show Rectangular previews. This allows for more ease of use when designing for watches like the Oppo Watch and the Xiaomi Mi Watch.
  3. Global variables. For the advanced designers, you can now define global variables and functions in your custom elements (previously known as Live Texts). This makes it much easier to re-use code within your watch parts.
  4. Icon layer. To improve the range of possibilities, we added an Icon layer to the watch part designer. For now it comes with a big set of Material Design Icons and Fluent Design Icons.
  5. New tags. The set of tags which you can use in Custom Elements has been extended, including the often requested seconds and milliseconds.
  6. Dark mode. Designing at night? Tweaking in the evening? Dark mode is here to protect your eyes. And luckily, at the same time, it makes the interface look pretty nice as well.
  7. Better animation control. All elements now have better animation control. You can choose to animate to it’s equivalent in the other view (Ambient vs Interactive), or you can set the position, scale and rotation of the target location yourself.

Go snag it!

Google Play Link ($2)

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