Verizon Up is Changing and Your Device Dollars Need to be Spent

Verizon Up Changes

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Verizon Up, the rewards program from Verizon that has been a surprisingly enjoyable bonus for Verizon customers who like receiving free gift cards and device dollars each month, is about to change. The changes must be dramatic too, as Verizon notified customers today that they’ll need to spend remaining balances in the next couple of months before they lose them and the program launches into something new.

In an email sent to customers today, Verizon said that Verizon Up “will evolve into a completely new experience designed entirely around you and the things you love.” There will apparently still be Super Tickets, presale events, anniversary offers, and access to TravelPass, but the rest is a mystery. A program “designed entirely around you” sounds worrisome, knowing that these programs often collect all sorts of data about your patterns and behaviors, so we’ll see how that goes.

The two most frequently used perks, Monthly Rewards (like gift cards to Amazon) and Device Dollars (cash to spend on future devices) are going away it seems. Well, Device Dollars went away last year, but Verizon is now warning members that they will need to spend any remaining balances before June 30. They also noted that Monthly Rewards are being retired on May 1.

Again, they haven’t said what we can expect only what’s going away. We also don’t know when the new Verizon Up will arrive, but this summer seems like a good time to pencil in if we look at those dates I just mentioned.

If you want to learn more about Verizon Up, here’s the page for it.



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