OSOM Shares Some of Its First Phone’s Specs, Talks Big on Camera


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The OSOM OV1 is still coming and it’s clear that this crew has a lot left in the smartphone tank following their frustrating days at Essential. They’ve shared some important details this week, like the processor, material choices for hardware, when it’s expected to ship, and the level of importance put on the camera system, which was one of the major issues surrounding that original Essential phone.

In a partial specs reveal, OSOM shared with us that the OV1 phone will run a Snapdragon 8 series chipset. We don’t know exactly which one, but that could mean the current 8 Gen 1 or possibly some other variant that Qualcomm has yet to introduce. Either way, that should be good news even if it does now mean a Q4 shipping time frame. Yep, the move to Snapdragon 8 series has apparently pushed the phone back to Q4 of 2022.

For materials, OSOM plans to use both stainless and titanium housings, as well as Zirconia back with polished white and matte black finishes. There could/should be additional color options down the road. You all remember how Essential played with colors throughout the story of that single, well-loved phone, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As far as other specs go, expect a bigger display and overall size this time around compared to the Essential PH-1. OSOM didn’t say how big, but they think a bigger body means a better user experience, antenna performance, and battery life. There will be a larger battery that will provide “beyond all-day” juice with “regular use.” Rounding out specs, we should get a UWB antenna, dual SIM action, Corning Victus glass coverings, and a secure data cable (this is a privacy-focused phone) that would cut off any data access to your phone and would instead only allow charging (pictured below).

OSMO OV1 Charging

OK, let’s talk cameras. OSOM knows that the Essential phone had a terrible camera system, so for the OV1 they’ve put in a rear dual camera system with 48MP and 12MP shooters, as well as a 16MP selfie sensor. They told us that “unlike at Essential,” they went out and “enlisted the help of the best teams in the world to bring a truly flagship camera experience” to users. Those are big and important words that we will certainly hold them to as we get this phone in hands.

So to recap, the OSOM OV1 is coming, only now in Q4 of this year with a Snapdragon 8 series chip and a camera that they are suggesting will be “truly” on the level of other flagships. And remember, this phone is supposed to be under $1,000.



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