NVIDIA Ships Out HotFix for Bug-Filled SHIELD TV Upgrade

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If you’re a SHIELD TV owner, you undoubtedly heard about Experience Upgrade 9.0, filled with bugs o’ plenty in what could be seen as one of the worst updates to be rolled out to the very popular Android TV-powered boxes. It’s ok, NVIDIA, you’re allowed a misstep every now and then considering the software support you’ve shown owners after all of these years.

Recently, NVIDIA announced a HotFix update for many of the issues, which began to be pushed starting last week. According to the changelogs, it addresses many of the issues introduced in EU 9.0, such as SD cards not being detected, storage permission issues, YouTube TV corruption, memory leaks, and plenty else.

If you want to see all of the fixes, look here.

If you still suffer from bugs, you may want to flash the HotFix update. In order to do that, NVIDIA must manually send you the update, as it’s not widely distributed. You’ll need to share your device’s serial number, allowing NVIDIA to add you to the list. There are some notes about that if you follow the link below. Be sure to read them all.

Godspeed, SHIELD TV owners.

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