OnePlus 10 Pro’s Hasselblad 2.0 Camera Shows Off Its Features

OnePlus 10 Pro Camera

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The OnePlus 10 Pro’s launch is days away and the remaining mysteries are becoming fewer. To finish off the week, OnePlus has revealed more details on its camera, which we might as well call Hasselblad 2.0, because yes, this partnership is still going strong.

We already know that the camera is made up of 48MP, 50MP, and 8MP lenses and that we have “Dual OIS” and a 32MP selfie camera. OnePlus shared a few more details of this story, though they still aren’t giving it all to us. Here’s what we’ve learned.

The OnePlus 10 Pro will feature a 2nd generation Hasselblad Pro Mode that can shoot RAW+. All three rear cameras can use this mode, by the way. It captures in 12-bit RAW and uses Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, plus it shoots in full 10-bit color to “deliver a more natural and delicate display of color in every photo.”

We’re also getting an ultra-wide camera with a 150-degree field of view and a fisheye mode. It can also shoot in 110-degree FOV to look a little more traditional.

For film buffs, OnePlus is debuting ISO, shutter speed, and other adjustments during video capture. You can film in LOG as well. It’s Log, it’s log, it’s better than bad it’s good.

OK, that’s it. Again, they are trolling these features out and giving us less than we want. The phone launches next week, though, so we don’t have much longer to go.



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