Google has Some Cool Features Coming to Pixel 6’s “At a Glance”

Google Pixel At A Glance

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The “At a Glance” thing that sits at the top of the main home screen on a Pixel phone is certainly not my favorite feature on Google’s devices, but I can also appreciate that some find it incredible helpful. I’m also open to the idea that Google can further improve it, so that I will stop begging for them to just let me turn it off, as I did a year ago.

In a recently updated Android System Intelligence app, the folks at 9to5Google dove deep into the files of the new version and discovered a bunch of stuff that Google is working on that could greatly enhance “At a Glance.” Google’s home-positioned non-widget could soon do a lot more than remind you about upcoming calendar items and commutes.

Google is apparently preparing to add the following new features:

  • At a store: If you are at a supported store, you could see shopping lists, Google Pay rewards cards
  • Bedtime: A reminder about your upcoming bedtime from the Clock app
  • Connected devices: When Bluetooth devices are connected, it could show you battery. I’d still rather have this widget.
  • Doorbell: You could see a notification or shortcut to view your doorbell when it rings
  • Fitness: Fitness app info displayed
  • Flashlight: A home screen reminder that your flashlight is on
  • Safety check: A safety check countdown from the Personal Safety app
  • Timer & stopwatch: Timer and stopwatch info from the Clock app

Many of those actually sound pretty handy, assuming you spend a lot of time on the home screen of your phone. Unfortunately, we have no idea if or when Google could push any of this live. We also don’t know if these will be Pixel 6 exclusive features or if all still-supported Pixel phones will get them. The fact that they are working on it is at least noteworthy, and look, we shouldn’t be too far out from a new Pixel Feature Drop.

Still, just let me turn it off and reclaim that space, Google.



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