Here’s the Pixel 6 Pro in Silver Looking Extra Hot

Google Pixel 6 Pro Silver

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro will arrive at some point in the fall of this year, as will its barely-smaller sibling, the Pixel 6. When they do, it could mark the start of something huge for Google, assuming they truly nail the experience, specs, marketing, and quality control. Both devices sure appear to be a sign of Google finally taking this smartphone thing seriously.

So as we approach each phone’s launch, we can’t help but look for any little bit of information, even if it is an image or two we have seen before presented in a new way. That happened today on the Google Store, where Google tossed up a new picture of the Pixel 6 Pro with both front and backsides showing. This would be the silver model of the Pixel 6 Pro, which if you ask me, is the best looking of the Pro colors and will absolutely be the version I purchase.

The image weighs in with quite the high resolution, so you can really dive in and see what the top portions of the front and back have to offer. We know the back will offer a camera bar with 3-camera setup. The front, at least according to this photo, will have super slim top bezel and what appears to be a speaker grill just above a centered, hole-punch selfie camera.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Silver

Outside of that, we can once again see the multi-colored backside, familiar power-volume button setup, and the slightly curved edges on the front of the display (boo!). The wallpaper and the image itself are also trying to highlight the Material You dynamic coloring that pulls from the wallpaper to provide colorful accents throughout the UI.

I know that it’s iPhone 13 day and the tech world will be consumed over there, but with each new view of the Pixel 6 line-up, I can’t help but finally get excited about something tech-related in 2021.



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