Telegram 8.0 Update Brings Another Big Batch of Features

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Telegram released another big update this week as Telegram 8.0. The update is already out, because Telegram is nice and doesn’t do those lengthy staged rollouts that everyone hates, yet Google loves so much. So yeah, go grab it and let’s talk about what’s new.

The first new feature Telegram wants you to know about is the option to allow unlimited people inside a live broadcast. In the previous 7.9 update, they upped the limit to 1,000 and promised to expand further. Well, they did that.

To take advantage, you tap “Video Chat” when in a group (or “Live Stream” in Channels) and that’ll get your stream going. From there, you can share that stream to let the world in.

Telegram Unlimited Video

Other new features include more flexible forwarding, where you get to customize how forwarded messages will look. You can adjust captions, hide names of senders, change recipients, etc.

For those who subscribe to lots of channels and have unread messages in them, Telegram is now letting you continue scrolling through the bottom of one channel and into the next.

If you need to know what’s hot in stickerland, you’ll also start seeing a “Trending Stickers” section to let you remain as cool as ever. Oh, and while you choose that sticker, your conversations will tell folks that you are doing just that, sort of like a typing indicator only for stickers.

Telegram 8 Update

And finally, Telegram 8.0 adds unread comment counters in channels, plus you’ll find new animated emoji (below).

New Telegram Emoji

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