Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: The Only Choice

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review

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DROID LIFE Editor's ChoiceAfter spending a solid 8 days with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic on my wrist, I can tell you without hesitation that this new Watch 4 line from Samsung is very good. Now, I’m talking the entire line, which includes both Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, because not only are we getting Wear OS 3 across all, we get choice in styling and size and price point. Samsung really nailed this for those of us on Android.

My review model was the 42mm version (unboxing) of the Classic in black. As you know, it also comes in a 46mm case and silver, while the Watch 4 comes in 40mm and 44mm in several other colors.

For this review, I apologize for those who were looking for a written version, but don’t worry, Tim is handling written duties for his regular Watch 4. Both of these watches outside of case size and rotating bezel options are basically identical. Our reviews should give you a good idea of what to expect from each, but also the entire line-up in general.

The video below is quite long, I will warn you. I don’t necessarily do flashy panning shots – I just talk through devices, almost as if I were writing them. So what you get is a conversation about the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, how it fits, my thoughts on the design and size and choices, a tour of Wear OS 3, a look at the Samsung Health tracking capabilities, and some battery testing numbers.  Oh, there’s even a quick comparison in size to the Fossil Gen 5, TicWatch Pro 3, and Galaxy Watch Active 2.

For those looking for a written action, here is Tim’s Galaxy Watch 4 review. For those ready to dive into 30 minutes of watch talk, the YouTube video is below and there are chapters to help you bounce around.

Overall, my takeaway from the Watch 4 line is that Samsung delivered a couple of excellent watches. Really, these are the only Wear OS watches you should be considering. The others, even new ones coming soon, won’t have this new OS for up to a year and they are running a chipset that is already a year old, plus Samsung put together the best of the best in terms of specs and features. It may look a bit too much like their old Tizen at times, but it works pretty damn well.



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