Verizon Home Internet Gets Big Expansion, Fancy New Router

New Verizon Home Router

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Verizon announced a big expansion of its home internet service today in both the 4G LTE and 5G varieties. In addition to the larger footprint and availability, a new router will also soon be able to take advantage of all that C-Band spectrum they bought recently, bringing with it quality mid-band 5G service down the road.

For their LTE Home Internet service, Verizon says that their coverage has now doubled and is in more urban and suburban areas. For 5G Home, customers in parts of Akron (OH), Ann Arbor (MI), Columbia (SC), Durham (NC), Fresno (CA), Spokane (WA), and St. Petersburg (FL) are now covered (47 markets total).

Verizon wasn’t specific with where they expanded LTE Home, but did talk about its 25Mbps speeds with peaks up to 50Mbps. At $40/mo (for Verizon subscribers – $60/mo for non-subs), those aren’t the worst or best speeds in the world. However, they should see a huge bump if those LTE areas become covered by C-Band.

The new C-Band 5G Ultra Wideband-ready router (lol @ that name) is going to ship to 4G internet customers, so when (if?) those areas are covered by C-Band, they’ll be ready for even better internet. Verizon didn’t say if these customers will get any sort of free upgrade to that better service, only that they’ll have a capable device. My guess is that they’ll be paying more.

What is C-Band? It’s basically the mid-band 5G that Verizon will use to better compete with T-Mobile’s 5G footprint going forward. Mid-band 5G provides a great mix of speed and coverage, unlike low-band 5G (good coverage, bad speeds) and mmW (bad coverage, crazy speeds) that have their strengths and weaknesses. Verizon bought a bunch of C-Band spectrum at auction earlier this year.

To see if you have access to any of Verizon’s home internet options, head over to their site.



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