Samsung Tempts You Into a Galaxy Z Fold 2 With a 4K Monitor

Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Buying a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 today is probably not the best idea with a Galaxy Z Fold 3 potentially weeks away from its reveal. But look, maybe you have a phone to trade-in that’s worth a good chunk, you wouldn’t mind free SirusXM for 6 months, a couple of months of YouTube Premium sounds nice too, and you have been eyeing a Samsung 4K monitor – that can all be yours if you buy a Z Fold 2.

Samsung is trying its hardest to get you into a Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the moment because they probably have inventory that needs to go before the Fold 3 is here. And seriously, all of that stuff I mentioned above is a part of their current Fold 2 offers list.

Should you decide a Fold 2 just has to be yours, you’ll get up to $600 instantly off with a trade-in, free SiriusXM and YouTube Premium, and a 4K $400 monitor for just $100. This is the monitor. It’s 4K at 60Hz with 8ms response time, HR10+ support, USB-C, Bluetooth, DeX Wireless, and Apple AirPlay2. It even comes with a freakin’ remote.

Is this all worth it? Hey, I’m not here to decide that. Maybe our Fold 2 review will help, though.



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