#TBT: What’s Your Most Fond Android Memory?

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It’s Thursday, so it’s time to reminisce about the past, looking back on better times. With that said, I’d like to pose a question to anyone. What’s your most fond Android memory?

For me, there’s a particular memory I go back to whenever I want to remind myself why Android is fun. This was around 2010 and I was using the Motorola DROID, headed to a delicious Mexican breakfast spot with an ex-girlfriend of mine back in the San Francisco Bay Area. That same day I believe, a new theme had dropped for a custom ROM I was running, something called Drop Theme (pictured above). These were my absolute favorite themes of all, and anytime a new color was released for them, I’d be flashing them.

Anyway, I specifically remember downloading the theme to my OG DROID and then heading off to breakfast and literally flashing the theme right there at the table while we waited for our food to come. I felt like such a little Android hacker bro, booting into recovery and selecting the proper .zip file, subsequently showing off my shiny new theme to my then girlfriend and her being thoroughly impressed. Indeed, it was good times.

There’s something about that memory, as it sums up my feelings toward how Android used to be in a way. It’s still a great platform, obviously, but we’re certainly not out here showcasing Custom Theme Fridays anymore.

What about you? Any particularly fond Android memories you’d like to share with the group?



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