A Year With My EwinRacing Gaming Chair + Free Chair Giveaway!

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Before we get to the exciting part about us giving away a free EwinRacing gaming chair, I want to share my experience, as I’ve been sitting on one of these chairs for over a year now. My butt doesn’t lie, so allow it to impart some tuchus wisdom on you.

It’s not easy finding a quality product these days, with what seems like so many companies all doing the same thing. For example, there is no shortage of gaming chair makers, so how do we separate those that make good quality chairs versus those who do not? I was fortunate that I didn’t have to pay to find out about EwinRacing, as the company provided me with my first chair (this exact chair) all those months ago. Since then, having lived with it and literally living on it, and even moving with it — moving is never a good thing for furniture — I can sit here and say 100% that EwinRacing makes a quality product. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be talking about it.

What I Like About the Chair

If I haven’t yet hammered it home, the quality of the chair is what I like the most. It’s heavy, the cushions are holding up extremely well, and the leather material they used hasn’t ripped or done anything out of the ordinary. I used to get my office chairs from somewhere like Staples, but the leather chairs they sold me always seemed to tear and get nasty after about six months of heavy usage. This EwinRacing chair is a champ. I’ve been blogging, gaming, podcasting, playing music, streaming, plus everything else in this chair and it’s holding up great. Besides a tad bit of wear on the threading in the Ewin logo where my head rests, I have no complaints in the quality department.

I’ll also take just a moment to mention this particular chair’s features. It reclines, tilts, swivels, and all of that jazz. It has everything I need in an office chair, though, it is missing a retractable footrest. That would put this thing above all others, but it’s okay. I also appreciate that Ewin sells a billion different models in general. There are tons of different color options, as well as material choices. As shoppers, we like options, so that’s a positive.

What I’d Change

The only downside I ever came across with this chair is the actual instructions on how to set it up. They are very confusing, until you figure out how to decipher the directions. Take very special care to follow those little red arrows or you’ll be lost during assembly. It actually took me a few minutes to figure that out. I’m dumb, though.

Beyond the chair, EwinRacing does an odd thing on its website. If you hadn’t noticed, the company has a perpetual sale happening on its online store, so you’re never really sure how much a chair actually costs in the beginning. Is that a bad thing? No, but it does its part in inducing the feeling that a shopper needs to hurry in order to secure a chair at a low price. In reality, there is a sale always happening. Meanwhile, all you needed to do is use code “Droidlife” for 30% off your next order. That saves you the hassle of worrying about missing out on whatever holiday sale is happening.

Are either of these things enough from keeping me on getting another EwinRacing chair? Nope, I’d gladly get another and honestly, if you’re looking to get one for yourself, I have no hesitations on recommending them. As I mentioned, use code “Droidlife” for 30% off essentially anything on EwinRacing’s website. You can score a new chair, an RGB gaming desk, or even a massage gun.

Buy an EwinRacing Gaming Chair (Use Code Droidlife for 30% Off)

Why buy one when you have a chance at winning one, though? Let’s do this — giveaway time is now!


Prizes: 1 Knight Series Gaming Chair ($199 Retail Value)

How to Enter

EwinRacing Giveaway

Winner: We will select one winner at random on July 2 at 10AM Pacific. We’ll email the winner to collect their address for shipping. Good luck!

Thank you to EwinRacing for sponsoring this post and giveaway.



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