T-Mobile Made a Real Gin and Called It “5Gin” Because of Course

T-Mobile 5Gin

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Talking about 5G is one of my least favorite things about this industry. Qualcomm and its partners have been saying that “5G is here” for like 5 years now (not exaggerating) and yet, my 5G speeds in Portland are essentially no better than the 4G LTE speeds I had for years prior to my statusbar logo change. But if there is one way to get me excited about 5G, it’s by turning it into my favorite liquor: gin.

T-Mobile randomly announced “5Gin” and “5Ginger beer” today because why the hell not. And they are selling both products to you, my liquor and ginger beer loving friend.

The T-Mobile 5Gin is real gin. It’s 94 proof as “a traditional style gin with approachable piney notes and a long citrus peppery finish,” made by Heritage Distilling Company in Washington. It costs $30 for a bottle.

The 5Ginger Beer is a ginger beer made by Jones Soda Co. It costs $10 for a 6-pack. If you’d like to buy either, T-Mobile is limiting customers to 1 of each.

Both were made in limited quantities, so if you are interested in owning Magenta liquid refreshments, you’ll head to t-mobile5gin.com tomorrow (June 24) at 12PM Pacific. The ginger beer can be shipped anywhere, while the gin most definitely cannot be. To see a list of states T-Mobile can ship to, the FAQ at the link above has you covered.



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