Verizon’s Visible is Going to Let You Upgrade Without the Fee

Visible Phones

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Visible is getting into the upgrade game starting next week, where they’ll give customers a chance to upgrade without the big fee you might see from someone like, well, Verizon.

From May 3, Visible members can upgrade phones from Apple, Samsung, Google (and a few others) when they pay off half of their phone’s loan balance. No fees or other costs are supposed to be involved in the process, you’ll just need to trade-in your phone for another of the same make and sign-up for another financing deal.

This all happens through Affirm (0% APR), which is the financing company you have likely seen across the internet for all sorts of goods. Visible uses them too, and they’ll offer the upgrade program with Affirm on phones that are financed at over $100. Again, Apple, Samsung, and Google are the main device makers participating, but there are select Motorola, OnePlus, and ZTE phones available too.

If you decide to buy a phone through Visible and then upgrade at the 50% mark, you will send in your old phone to Assurant within 14 days of receiving your new phone. Visible says that they will then pay off the remaining balance for you. Seems pretty straight forward.

Not familiar with Visible? They are a prepaid option that’s owned by Verizon, so when you use their service, you are actually using Verizon’s network. They don’t have stores or any sort of physical presence, but their unlimited plan only costs $40. If you have friends in your life, you can have them join you on Visible and pay even less per month.

If that all sounds fun, the upgrade action starts on May 3. Shop Visible devices right here.



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