Report: Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2 Will Have IP Ratings

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Kellen already declared the Pixel 6 the Android storyline of the year, but move over, Google. There’s another big story happening. According to SamMobile, the next foldable devices from Samsung, presumably called the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2, will have IP ratings. This is a pretty big deal, folks.

As you may know, an IP (ingress protection) rating is provided to devices that can withstand an amount of dust and/or water. For example, Samsung’s latest phones have IP68 ratings, providing plenty of water protection. Unfortunately, with hinges and all of that, no Samsung foldable has launched with an IP rating before and it’s always one of those things you need to worry about when carrying around your $2,000 device. Those worries could be a thing of the past with this change.

It’s unclear what kind of rating we can see from Samsung, but something is better than nothing. Even IP65, which is essentially splash protection, could go a long way at making buyers more comfortable living with their devices. Our only hope is the an IP rating won’t lead to a price increase, which certainly wouldn’t help get these types of devices adopted by more people.

Would an IP rating sway you into foldable territory?

// SamMobile



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