T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet Officially Launches Today

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Alright, so we just got done talking about T-Mobile’s free 5G phones and unlimited 5G data plans, but that wasn’t all the company announced today as a part of their newest Uncarrier event. In what could be the bigger deal for many parts of this country, T-Mobile officially launched its T-Home Home Internet today.

After first firing up T-Mobile Home Internet back in 2019 and then expanding a couple of times, T-Mobile’s at-home broadband service is now available to around 30 million households, which T-Mobile claims makes it one of the largest home broadband providers in the country.

The big deal with T-Mobile pushing its own internet service option is the fact that so many people in rural areas don’t have options at all. T-Mobile is trying to be one of or the only quality and affordable choices in small rural towns across America.

T-Mobile is betting that their 5G network will do he heavy lifting here, but the modem they send out to customers can use both 5G and 4G. I’d imagine that’s because they’ll need 4G at times, depending on your home’s location.

For now, T-Mobile Home Internet costs just $60/mo with autopay. That price includes unlimited data with no caps and the cost of the equipment. Most customers should see speeds of around 100Mbps down and setup is done by you within a few minutes. Again, T-Mobile sends customers a 5G/4G modem that can be setup with the help of an app rather than an at-home technician.

To get signed-up for T-Mobile Home Internet, hit this link and check for availability.

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