T-Mobile is Giving Away Free 5G Phones to Everyone

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T-Mobile held another of its Uncarrier events today and the focus was on getting 5G to everyone in some way. Whether that means unlimited data plans, home internet, or phones, T-Mobile wants you on their network testing out 5G. To help convince you to use 5G, T-Mobile will give you a free 5G phone as long as you trade-inĀ any working phone.

Called “The Great Free 5G Upgrade,” T-Mobile is telling the world that they’ll give everyone a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone. The only requirements are that you trade-in a working phone (it could be a flip phone, yes) and sign-up for one of their postpaid 5G plans. New and existing customers are eligible.

What’s the catch? Well, as you probably guessed, they aren’t giving you a free phone to do with as you please. Instead, this is one of those 24-month bill credit scams contracts that locks you into their service for two years. If you walk away at any time, they could charge you the full amount for the phone ($282). If you want to know whether or not the Samsung A32 is worth owning, here’s a write-up on its specs.

Thankfully, they are at least giving you a choice of unlimited data to use with 5G, and that includes those who are existing customers (even Sprint customers!). Sprint customers will get upgraded to unlimited on April 18 if they aren’t already. The pitch here is somewhat confusing, but basically T-Mobile is saying that you can get into one of their unlimited 5G plans for cheaper than your current plan at Verizon or AT&T or from Sprint. There isn’t a new plan or anything…it’s all very weird.

And that’s pretty much it. T-Mobile spent a lot of time talking about its 5G network today because it is way ahead of AT&T and Verizon’s networks. To get you using it, they will give you a free low-end 5G phone (with trade-in) where they spread the cost of the phone out over 24 months to keep you paying for monthly service for 2 years. It’s not really a great deal. If you want to try T-Mobile, just buy a good phone from them and have at it. Their network is actually pretty good these days.

When can you take advantage? I’d love to tell you, but the lengthy press release from T-Mobile gives zero dates. I’d imagine the promo starts right away.

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