Time to Save $10 on YouTube TV, T-Mobile Customers

YouTube TV

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As a part of T-Mobile’s new partnership with Google, the two are offering a $10/mo discount to YouTube TV for “as long as you are a T-Mobile postpaid wireless voice or home internet customer.” That’s a big deal for a TV streaming service whose multiple price increases have scared many off and are on the verge of pushing away long time customers, like myself and Tim. Saving $10 off of the $65/mo price might just keep us around for a while longer.

Today, that promotion is live for wireless or home internet customers to take advantage of. To get started, you’ll head over to t-mobile.com/tvision and click the big “Redeem now” box in the YouTube TV section.

From there, T-Mobile will ask for your phone number and login credentials before letting you submit info for the promotion. After filling out all required info, T-Mobile told me it would take up to 3-4 days before I would receive a redemption code to get the $10/mo discount. I’d imagine that’s the case for everyone.

Already a YouTube TV subscriber? I have bad news for you. You can still sign-up for this $10/mo promo on YouTube TV, but you have to cancel your current subscription first. That, of course, means that you (might) lose all of your DVR content and custom channel setups. Google’s support says “Recorded programs in your library will expire after 21 days” and that they’ll “save your library preferences in case you want to sign up again later.” There’s a chance you could save everything if you act quick enough.

Signing-up again shouldn’t be difficult, you will simply need to recreate your libraries. Why Google and T-Mobile couldn’t figure out a way to give us all a discount without this requirement is beyond me.

Want a free month plus the $10/mo deal? Cool! If you’ve never used YouTube TV before, you are eligible for a free month ($65 value) followed by the $10/mo discount. Folks who have previously been on YouTube TV or taken advantage of a trial are out of luck.

Limited time offer? According to T-Mobile’s terms, this is a 12-month discount where all of the small print suggests the price of $54.99/mo will jump back up to the full $64.99/mo. Specifically, it says that after a trial, users will “then be charged discounted price of $54.99 per month for 12 months before being charged price of $64.99/month or then current monthly subscription price.” However, further down the terms, T-Mobile says “After 12 months T-Mobile reserves the right to require billing on your T-Mobile bill to continue $10/mo. discount.” And the whole headline for this promotion says “for as long as you’re with T-Mobile,” so we’ll take their word for it for now.

This is somewhat of a limited time offer, though, in that you need to sign-up before July 31, 2021. T-Mobile opened up the deal for those interested, but has set that date as the last day for you to redeem. You may not want to hesitate for long.

Get yourself cheaper YouTube TV!



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