Thursday Poll: What’s the Best Spot for a Fingerprint Reader?

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With the latest intel pointing to a possible under-display fingerprint reader for an upcoming Google Pixel device, we have a question for you all: What’s the best spot for a fingerprint reader? Is it the back of the phone, like on the Pixel 5? An ultrasonic or optical reader in the display, like on Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus phones? Or what about the side of phones, like on Sony devices?

Technically, there are no wrong answers here, it’s a personal preference thing. However, because this is my post, yes, there are wrong answers. While ultrasonic readers are vastly superior in my experience to optical sensors, I’ll still take the Pixel 5’s rear fingerprint reader setup any day of the week over an under-display reader. There’s something about the speed and consistency of the rear-mounted readers that is a much better experience versus other options. That’s just my opinion, but I have used a lot of phones, so I’m comfortable picking a fight about it.

Let’s settle this once and for all, folks.

What's the Best Spot for a Fingerprint Reader?

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