Android 12’s Navigation Swipe Down Shortcut is so Handy

Pixel 5 Android 12

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Android 12 is looking like one of the biggest Android releases in some time. We think a major theme update is coming later on in the preview or beta programs. We have a new dark theme. There is a settings overhaul on the way. There is a new gestures in the works that fires off shortcuts. The notification area is seeing big improvements. There are picture-in-picture changes, a one-handed mode, and likely more features on the way that haven’t been uncovered or that Google hasn’t told us about yet.

But sometimes there are little tweaks that Google slides in that improve every-day usefulness in the subtlest of ways. For example, in the new Android 12 Developer Preview 2, Google included a swipe down on the navigation area that pulls the notification shade from any screen. It’s super handy!

The GIF below shows this in action, but it’s basically as simple as it sounds. When in an app or the home screen, a little swipe down on the navigation bar brings down your notifications. When done, swipe up and it’ll go back away.

Think about how handy this could be on the giant phones that have invaded our lives? My wife recently picked up a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and good lord, that phone is stupid big. This would be a handy shortcut to use for whenever I am forced to use the damn thing!

Anyways, a tiny change this is, but what a wonderful one.



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