Hey, It’s Verizon Open Enrollment Season Again for Device Protection


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Each year around this time, Verizon gives customers an opportunity to sign-up for a protection plan that covers their gadgets. Typically, this is done when you buy a device, but if you skipped out to avoid that extra monthly charge yet now realize you could use it, this is your time to shine.

Verizon offers so many different plans that it’s getting hard to keep track of. They used to just have Total Equipment Coverage (TEC), Wireless Phone Protection (WPP), and an Extended Warranty. Today, they offer Verizon Protect as the top tier plan, Total Mobile Protection (TMP), and a couple of multi-device plans on top of those original three.

For features, they all differ ever so slightly. There is an entire feature comparison sheet below, so I won’t write them all out for you here. However, Verizon Protect is the one Verizon pushes with the most features, many of which involve privacy and identity security. Most people are still probably just fine with Total Equipment Coverage, though, as it gives you coverage for loss/theft/damage, extends the warranty and gets you next-day replacements as well as battery replacements.

As for pricing, Verizon doesn’t make a comparison of such things easy to find, but should look as follows:

  • Extended Warranty: $5/mo
  • Wireless Phone Protection: $6.85/mo
  • Total Equipment Protection: $11/mo
  • Total Mobile Protection: $15/mo single device; $45/mo multi-device
  • Verizon Protect: $17/mo single device; $50/mo multi-device

Verizon Protection Plans

If you need protection, you can shop Verizon’s plans right here.

Verizon open enrollment for all protection options ends May 6, so you have some time to consider this.



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