Poll: Case or No Case?

Galxay S21 Pixel 5 Cases

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A couple of years ago, we asked if everyone was protecting their ultra-expensive phones with a case and the majority of you were on #TeamCase. In fact, almost 80% responded by saying they wouldn’t dare leave home without one. The rest of you, well, you lived life wildly back then and I respected it.

As you can see above, I’m rocking cases on both the Galaxy S21 and Pixel 5 at the moment, the kind that offer zero protection and are really just there because they look clean. Or maybe it was for the photo-op. Whatever.

Fast forward to today and I’m curious how things have changed forĀ you. Are you all about that case life because our phones still cost $800 and up? Do you go ultra-thin, like this one? Or do you rock the ultimate protector style, where you can’t even see or feel any part of your glass-encased, piece of tech artwork?

I’m not here to judge (that’s a lie), I just want to know for science, or something. And feel free to share your favorites down in those comments. What’s the best case you tend to grab from phone to phone?

Case or No Case?

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