Google Now Selling Refurbished Pixel 3 Phones for $249+

Google Pixel 3 Deals

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Google appears to be selling refurbished Pixel 3 devices via the Google Store, starting at a price of $249 for a 64GB model. Should you need more storage, a 128GB model is available for $279 with Just Black and Clearly White being the only available colors.

According to the listings, these phones are guaranteed to receive software updates until October, 2021. We’re not sure if the starting price of $249 is necessarily a “good deal,” but it’s definitely not a bad one. Check out our Pixel 3 review to see what you might be getting into.

This isn’t Google’s first go at selling refurb products on its store. Earlier this year it was selling Pixelbooks and packs of Google WiFi.

The only thing I feel obligated to say is that there are other sites on the web where you can find lightly used tech devices for inexpensive prices. After looking, I can say that you can find this same phone for well under $200 if you want. If you feel more confident buying directly from Google, though, this is a solid option.

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