Sharp’s Smart Microwave has Alexa Voice Commands, Orville Redenbacher’s ‘Certified’ Popcorn Preset

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Have you ever seen a product and just thought, “Damn, I gotta have that!” I get that feeling about smart microwaves. I use my dumb microwave all the time for heating up stuff, and I gotta tell you, it’d be nice to tell my microwave how long I want it to turn on for and not have to touch it. You know, that glorious lazy American life.

Anyway, Sharp is releasing a couple different sized smart microwaves this month, both featuring compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa service. Should you be invested in the Amazon ecosystem, there are numerous voice commands to control the microwave, such as “Alexa, microwave/cook potato,” “Alexa, defrost seafood,” and “Alexa, stop the microwave.”

And of course, there’s a licensed Orville Redenbacher’s Certified Popcorn Preset that will perfectly pop your popcorn. This thing is sweet!

If you have an Alexa device or the app on your phone, this microwave will work with your voice just fine. I’ll upgrade once Google Assistant support comes.

These will be available later this month starting at $149.

Sharp Links: 1.1 cu. ft Model | 1.4 cu. ft. Model



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