Samsung Should Probably Stop Clowning Apple

Samsung Charger

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When Apple announced the new iPhone something-number-XL-Max-Pro several weeks back, one of the big discussions that continued after their excessive video production played involved chargers. Well, more like missing chargers, since Apple had decided against including them with their new phones.

You see, Apple is aware that there are too many chargers in this world already, filling up landfills and helping contribute to the massive amount of waste the human race produces. They figure you already own several phones and the chargers from them, so they would rather you re-use those old chargers than add to the world’s trash pile. It’s an honorable and responsible move, even if people are stupidly mad about it all. This post isn’t about those fools. This post is about Samsung.

Samsung, because they can’t help themselves, immediately mocked Apple through an official and verified Samsung Facebook account. They posted a picture of their Samsung fast charger and said that it’s “Included with your Galaxy.” They also mentioned that Samsung’s phones give you everything you could ask for, “from the most basic as a charger.”

Within days of that post going live, reports surfaced suggesting Samsung would follow Apple’s lead and also ditch chargers. They then deleted that post around the end of October. Actually, they deleted that entire account, which is lol.

Now, Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 line has passed through a Brazilian certification outfit and there are references to the phones not coming with a charger or headphones in the box. Of-f*cking-course. We knew this would play out in this exact way. I said so here.

There is always a chance that Samsung distributes chargers with its phones in some countries and not others. Brazil may be screwed while the US could be blessed. I kind of doubt it, though. Samsung has a pattern of trying to clown Apple over something, only to try and slyly copy that very move in the future.

Samsung, if you are out there writing that next Tweet, maybe even one about Apple’s new ultra-expensive headphones, just don’t. Instead, Do What You Can’t, look at your future, and Make It Yours.



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