Get Galaxy Note 20 in Red for as Low as $299 With Instant $150 Off and Eligible Trade-in

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It’s Cyber Monday, meaning now is the time to buy a phone if you’ve been on the fence. It’s undeniable that this past weekend and today are the ideal time to get yourself into a new phone, since companies are slashing prices, and in Samsung’s case, upping trade-in values in an attempt to convince you that you need a new phone.

The thing is, Samsung has more than instant savings and an upped trade-in value tempting buyers. They have this new red color for the Galaxy Note 20. Mmm, red color. More seriously, yes, while red looks very good on phones, the Galaxy Note 20 for as low as $299 is one helluva value.

To unlock that price, you’ll need a top tier trade-in, such as a Galaxy S20 Ultra. Other phones will net you good value too, like an iPhone or other newer Samsung devices. Heck, Samsung is even offering good money for phones with cracked screens. Any trade-in value you bring gets added to the instant $150 savings Samsung is offering today for Cyber Monday.

Samsung’s instant savings and increased trade-in values are also available for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra today, so if Samsung is your jam, you know what to do. You know what to do.

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