Nest Hub Max Black Friday Deal is Here: $50 Off

Nest Hub Max Black Friday Deal

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One of the best tech pickups I’ve had in recent months is the Nest Hub Max that I dropped onto my office desk. It replaced a space left by a smaller Nest Hub that was moved to a bedroom a while back. At first, I wasn’t going to replace it yet I now realize how much I missed having the constant photo gallery streaming through and the visual Google Assistant, plus this new UI to control stuff is quite good.

Starting today, the Nest Hub Max Black Friday deal is here to help you save much more than I did. At $50 off, you can grab a Nest Hub Max in either color for $179. It’s tough to say if there will be a bigger discount, as this is the price Google promoted and all retailers have now matched.

To recap the Nest Hub Max, it features a 10″ HD display, 6.5MP built-in Nest camera, stereo speaker system, ambient light sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth. It uses that camera to recognize your face at times, that way it can show information on its screen depending on who it sees. It’ll play videos and music and show recipes and give you an overview of your day and control your home and so much more. It’s a sweet unit that if anything, is the best Google Photos display you’ll find.

Like all the other Google Black Friday deals, everyone has this price. Feel free to shop around.

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