Newly Released Fossil Gen 5E is $149 Today ($100 Off)

Fossil Gen 5E Deal

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The Fossil Gen 5E, a smartwatch that just reached its 1-month anniversary, is on sale at Best Buy today with a big discount. Thanks to a $100 price drop, you can grab Fossil’s newest watch for $149.

To recap, the Fossil Gen 5E is very much a variant of the Fossil Gen 5, one of our favorite smartwatches. The difference really is that it comes in 44mm and 42mm case sizes, because the Wear 3100 chip, 1GB RAM, 4GB storage, round AMOLED display, GPS, heartrate sensor, and NFC are all basically the same. Of course, the design of the case is slightly different too.

I’m not sure the occasion for this Best Buy sale, other than we are in the holiday shopping season where things go in and out of discounts regularly. No one at this time seems to be matching, so head over to Best Buy if it’s time for a new watch.

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