Motorola Ensures Your $1400 RAZR That Arrives With Fingerprints is Brand New

Motorola Razr

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Motorola has placed a note on its Amazon landing page for the $1400 RAZR, telling potential buyers that even though their phone may arrive with fingerprints, the phone is brand new.

You see, Motorola wants to ensure the phone arrives to you safely. Previously, Motorola was shipping this device unfolded, standing up in its packaging. Now, it will arrive folded in that same packaging, though as Motorola states, it may not look very elegant.

Originally, RAZR was meant to be shipped in the unfolded position. However, in order to better protect the display we have folded your RAZR – it’s safer, but may not look as elegant as we hoped. We apologize if you see fingerprints on your device, but we assure you your RAZR is brand new.

So yeah, this is just a PSA to all potential RAZR buyers: If you buy the phone and it arrives folded in the box with fingerprints, don’t trip, it’s totally brand new.

This also seems like a decent time to let you know that the RAZR 5G is on sale via Amazon, $400 off its usual price, bringing it down to $995. You can get our overview on the device here.

Ever heard of gloves, Moto?

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