Google Pixel 5 Orders Now Arriving in the US!

Google Pixel 5 Box

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The first wave of Google Pixel 5 pre-orders are starting to arrive in the US! A number of our readers let us know in recent days that they were being charged for orders and that shipping labels were submitted with deliveries estimated anywhere from today into next week. As you can see from the image above, at least one of our orders has made it to the DL office.

For whatever reason, Google shipments to the US took longer than other parts of the world, so even though other countries have been swimming in Pixel 5 fun since mid-October, US folks weren’t scheduled to join the party until tomorrow at the earliest.

If you are just now getting your Pixel 5, we’ll have a First 10 Things video this week, plus you can read our review to see how wrong or right we were in evaluating it.

Would love to hear those first impressions the minute you get your Pixel 5 out of the box.



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