AT&T Gives You More Family Plan Flexibility With “Unlimited Your Way” Program

ATT 5G Plans

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Choosing a wireless plan line-up for your family shouldn’t mean having to get everyone in the family the same exact plan. Since people have different needs from wireless service, AT&T has introduced “Unlimited Your Way,” a new program that lets you choose different plans for each line in your family to better fit everyone’s needs.

AT&T is still offering their Unlimited Elite, Extra, and Starter plans, and as far as I know, they haven’t changed the features of any of those. The news here is that as you build out a multi-line family plan, you could choose Elite for dad, Extra for the kids, and Starter for mom, assuming the entire family doesn’t need the same set of features.

When adding multiple lines, even if they are different plans, AT&T will still give you a multi-line discount. For example, Unlimited Elite drops from $85/mo on a single line down to $60/mo if you have 3 lines of service. The same goes for Extra and Starter, where your per-line price drops as you add more lines. You can see the breakdown below, with prices listed at each number of lines.

Lets say you have a 4-line household with two on Elite, one on Extra, and one on Starter, you’d pay $175/mo (with autopay and paperless billing). The breakdown there is $50+$50+$40+$35. That make sense?

ATT Unlimited Your Way Plans

This is a lot like Verizon’s Mix and Match program that was introduced two years ago, where the wireless world finally started giving in and letting families mix it up to better fit the wireless requirements of their households.

To get started with AT&T Unlimited Your Way, head over to AT&T’s online store.

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