Pixel Buds Get Another Update to Fix Yet Another Bad Bug

Google Pixel Buds

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The Google Pixel Buds were first released back in April and yet we are still receiving regular updates that aim to fix connection bugs or audio dropouts, both of which have plagued the expensive earbuds since day 1. This week, another update is here to address a very specific audio cutout that has been identified.

Over the next few days, your Pixel Buds should receive software version 552 that tries to address audio cutouts that were happening every 1 minute 50 seconds. That’s so weirdly specific, but yes, this update will try to get rid of that.

The update won’t do anything else, according to Google.

Not sure how to update your Pixel Buds? The method to get new software on them is stupidly not obvious, but this set of directions should get you there:

To get the process started you put your Buds in ears and open the Pixel Buds app, tap on “More settings,” and then “Firmware update.” Make sure you have “Automatic updates” toggled on, or you may want to toggle it off and back on again. Then, you sort of just listen to your Buds for a while to let the update download in the background. At least, that’s what we assume is happening since this process all happens in the dark, without a status bar or any sort of confirmation that any thing is happening at any time.

After you’ve listened for a while and hope that an update is ready to install, you slap your Buds back in their case and then the update will install. Again, there is no way to tell that any of this is happening, so you may want to leave them in there for a while to complete the process.

Another update!

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