LG Wing Spotted in Maserati, Looks Funky But in a Good Way

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Today we’re getting our first good possible look at what could be the LG Wing, an experimental device from LG that may be close to launch.

Apparently spotted inside of a Maserati in what appears to be South Korea (just a guess from the navigation and language that’s displayed), we get a great look at what exactly this thing is. As you can see, it’s a T-shaped device, capable of running multiple apps simultaneously. For example, we’ve got full-screen navigation happening on the left, while music and an incoming call is happening on the right side.

The use case shown here is so ideal that there’s no way you’ll convince me this isn’t a controlled leak straight from LG. And if this is the main use LG sees for the device, then I suppose it’ll be a greatly desired device by Uber and Lyft drivers everywhere. I mean, how could a phone get any better for drivers?

The below clip is just 10 seconds long, so we can’t take too much away from it. What we can gather from other various reports, though, is the LG Wing will be able to have its secondary display fold away in some fashion when not in use. Additionally, we may see the device launch this year, but there’s no concrete info for when. For pricing, the latest suggestion is somewhere in the Galaxy Z Flip ($1380), Note 20 Ultra ($1299+) price range or possibly more.

What do you think? Does this clip make you interested in Wing?

// Android Authority



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