Samsung Commits to Bigger Phone Updates for Three “Generations” (Updated)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Samsung waited until the very last minute of its Unpacked event today to announce what could be big news from a software support standpoint. As you’ll see in the screenshot below, they are now committing to “OS updates up to 3 generations” of phones that include both features and security patches.

Yes, the wording here is very, very confusing. What we know right now is that Samsung already supports their high-end phones with security updates for at least three years. They are better than Google at the length of time they provide security patches. On the flip side, Samsung has previously only provided two Android version updates, which falls short of Google and has ruffled some feathers from those spending $1,000+ for new phones from them.

Are they promising three Android version updates now? Well, we don’t know and I also don’t think so. Samsung did acknowledge that customers have expressed the need for longer support and that’s where this little end clip came from. Samsung said “That’s why we are supporting your operating system for three generations of devices.”

As an example, they could just be supporting a Galaxy Note 20 with updates through to the Galaxy Note 23. Depending on the timing of a device release, we could also just be talking about One UI updates for three years and not Android versions.

  • UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed that we are looking at three Android version updates! The new update policy will apply as far back as the Galaxy S10, so that means the S10, Note 10, S20, and Note 20 will all see three version updates. Again, specifics there on which versions is up in the air and we’ll update this post should we get that. (via Android Authority)

I know that’s not rock solid info, but we are waiting for Samsung to clarify.

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