Verizon Rolls Out Enhanced 5G Home to Houston


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Verizon continues its rollout of “enhanced” 5G Home service this week, with Houston being the beneficiary after LA and Indianapolis were upgraded earlier this month.

Enhanced 5G Home is Verizon switching over 5G Home service from their own 5G TF standard (or non-standard 5G) to 5G NR, which is the industry standard. You may recall that when Verizon rushed to be first to 5G, they launched 5G Home with their own 5G and told everyone they would one day be upgraded to 5G NR. That’s happening now.

With enhanced 5G Home, Verizon tells us that 5G Home connections now provide up to 2x the download speeds and 1.5x the coverage of their previous 5G TF home internet. So it’s both a switch to NR and an upgrade.

In addition to the 5G Home news, Verizon announced that it was partnered with Pivotal Commware, a company that is using network repeaters to help them further spread their 5G mmW coverage to new areas. While still in a trial phase, using repeaters is a way to better broadcast a 5G signal into buildings, multi-unit dwellings, dorms, that sort of thing.

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