Galaxy Fold 2 Render Provides Idea of What to Expect

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The Galaxy Fold 2 is the foldable we have been telling everyone to get hyped about. First-generation devices such as the Galaxy Fold usually come riddled with issues, and it was no exception, so by the second iteration a lot of improvements are made and we feel more comfortable recommending followups to our readers.

With that said, Samsung leaker @UniverseIce shared a somewhat crude 3rd-party render on Twitter this week of the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, and honestly, it looks a helluva lot more interesting than the original ever did. Let’s go over what to expect.

In the render, we have a clear look at the inside of the device. The internal display is nearly all screen, with minimal bezel surrounding it. There is a single front-facing camera cutout, which is a vast improvement over last year’s huge hump. The hummingbird is also a nice touch, but likely has zero to do with the device and its hardware. Moving on.

The other render is very intriguing. It details the outline for the rumored exterior display, which looks to be much, much larger than the original Galaxy Fold’s. It also appears to have a front-facing camera cutout. On the outside backside of the phone, we have the camera module outline. With these outlines, we can see why the placement for the internal cutout is where it is for the camera. These devices can only be so thick, so while it might look a bit off to the eye, there wasn’t really anywhere else for Samsung to place it. Oh well, it’s still a really good looking followup to the original.

What do you think, Galaxy Fold fans? Are these good looking improvements?

// @UniverseIce



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