Verizon’s Galaxy S20 5G Now Available in Exclusive Color and $150 Off (Updated)

Verizon Galaxy S20 White

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It took several months to arrive, but Verizon’s special version of the regular Galaxy S20 5G is now available. You’ll find this Galaxy S20 at the same price as it is at other carriers, plus Big Red has its own exclusive color. Actually, Verizon is hosting a day-1 sale, so it’s cheaper to start.

To kick off today, Verizon is slashing $150 off the Galaxy S20 with bill credits giving that money back to you over 24 months. You can get that discount with a monthly device payment plan or by buying the phone at full retail.

Verizon was able to convince Samsung to give them Cosmic Gray and Cloud Pink versions, as well as their own Cloud White colorway. Phones in white are quite rare these days, so if you were considering this Galaxy S20, you may want to go that route and have something unique.

Other than the special color, this Galaxy S20 isn’t different from the models that have been available for months. This version just happens to have support for Verizon’s 5G mmW, which the previous versions lacked. That’s it, though. You’ll find the same processor and storage and camera and RAM and everything.

  • UPDATE: The statement above is not completely true, as someone at reddit who owns the phone has pointed out that Verizon’s Galaxy S20 lacks a microSD slot. All other models of the S20 feature an SD slot that expands the internal 128GB of storage. Should you buy Verizon’s for $1,000, you get 128GB storage and that’s it.
  • UPDATE 2: Oh, and only 8GB RAM (all others have 12GB). What in the hell? Maybe skip this one.

In case you were wondering our thoughts, our review is linked below, but also, this is the phone I’m using daily. It’s an incredible size, the display is beautiful, and the performance is as good as any phone.

NOTE: Oh, if you grab this Verizon Galaxy S20, you’ll have a day-1 update with build G981VSQU1ATEA that brings June’s security patch.

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