Pixel Stand Gets Rare Deal Today Only at Best Buy: $20 Off

Google Pixel Stand

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Google’s Pixel Stand has always been an incredibly overpriced accessory. At $80, as someone who has owned two since day 1, I still don’t know how on Earth Google can justify the price, especially when there are dozens of other wireless chargers on the market that cost under $20 for a similar charging experience.

When we see a discount, the conversation changes some, since the Pixel Stand is rarely on sale. Today, we’ve got a 1-day sale on it over at Best Buy that shaves $20 off the price. If you hurry, you can grab a Pixel Stand for $59.99.

The sales pitch here is something along the lines of, the Pixel Stand not only charges your Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 wirelessly at decent speeds, it can also turn your phone into a Google Home of sorts  and show your Google Photos library in slideshow format. That’s it, that is the idea.

With a Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 planted on the Pixel Stand, you’ll get 10W wireless charging speeds, which are OK. We are seeing 15W speeds on many devices now, while OnePlus has gone wild with a 30W wireless experience. Trust me, 10W is not “fast” any longer.

As for the Google Home experience I mentioned, the Pixel Stand flips a switch on Pixel phones that introduces buttons to interact with your smart home, quick access to video feeds from your Nest doorbell, and previews of your day. It puts the Assistant nearby, on a screen, sort of like a smart display.

Oh, it can perform a sunrise alarm trick too.

Look, man, it’s a wireless charger that has a few extra tricks. At $80, it has never been worth the investment. At $60, it might be if some of the stuff I described above sounds useful.

Again, this is a “Deal of the day” at Best buy, so your time is limited.

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