New Google Pixel Buds App Goes Live as Launch Appears Imminent (Updated)

New Pixel Buds

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The new Google Pixel Buds might be here. Well, they might be arriving at any moment, as we now have a Pixel Buds app available to all and an old pre-order listing just went live again. This could be launch week.

New Pixel Buds app

Last night, most Pixel phones should have received an update to an app called “Google Pixel Buds” that is indeed a listing for the app that will power the new Pixel Buds (or Pixel Buds 2). The app will help users setup Buds, check battery levels, turn on/off Adaptive Sound, turn on/off in-ear detection, control Assistant functionality, and more.

The app showed up on Pixel phones (like magic bloatware) whether you want anything to do with the Pixel Buds or not, but like I said, anyone can install. I searched, found, and installed it on my Galaxy S20. Also, the listing specifically mentions that “This app is for Google Pixel Buds (2nd Gen),” in case there was any confusion.

Google Play Link: Google Pixel Buds

New Pixel Buds 2 App

Pixel Buds (2nd Gen) available to buy

Back in February, electronics retailer B&H Photo posted a pre-order listing for the new Pixel Buds that was pretty quickly taken down. That listing remained hidden until this morning when it was re-posted as an item you can add to cart and purchase. While it doesn’t show a shipping date, it isn’t listed as a pre-order, only that it is a “new item” or “new release” that is “coming soon.”

The price is still $179, for those of you hoping for a discount, and B&H is the only company showing this listing live. That said, retailers like this often have these listings scheduled and ready as if they were told this is the day.

For what it’s worth, I tossed in a pre-order and was still given no date, only that orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. I guess we’ll see what happens and I’ll update this post should we get additional info, like a date.

You guys ready for the new Pixel Buds?

Purchase Pixel Buds (2nd Gen)

Cheers Mika and John!



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