Upgrade Your Home WiFi With Nest WiFi 2-Pack for $199 ($70 Off)

Nest WiFi

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As you’ve sat at home, rarely leaving for the past several weeks (month?), you might have noticed WiFi dead spots in your house or that your WiFi is powered by an ancient router with few bells and whistles. Now is a great time to upgrade through a sale at Lowe’s, where you can grab a Nest WiFi 2-pack for $199 ($70 off).

Nest WiFi is Google’s newest WiFi system that was introduced alongside the Pixel 4 last year. It’s a mesh WiFi system that lets you start with a router and then add access points throughout your house to expand your WiFi signal to areas that might need a better connection. With Nest WiFi, those points also act as Nest Mini devices with Google Assistant, so you get a double duty device in one.

Nest WiFi supports 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks, WPA3 encryption, gets automatic updates to stay on top of security, and is controlled by the Google Home app. The Nest router comes in a sleek round body design, while the Nest point looks similar, but is available in additional colors.

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The deal at Lowe’s is for a Nest WiFi router and a Nest point. Those two combined should cover up to 3800 square feet of space.

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