Thursday Poll: Have You Tried Stadia Yet?

Google Stadia Controller

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If you’re in an eligible area of the globe Stadia is now free to join! It’s been a few days since this happened, and since that’s the case, we’re curious if anyone who previously hadn’t tried Stadia out has done so.

The issue many might run into depending on what device you’re playing on is the need to have a supported gaming controller for Stadia. Going out and buying one may not be as easy as we’d all like right now, but thankfully, Stadia’s list of supported controllers isn’t too bad. And if you’re playing on the web, mouse and keyboard is always an option.

If you are playing Stadia, what are you liking about it? The free games? Portable aspect of it? Maybe you played for five minutes and it wasn’t your thing? That’s cool, too.

So, have you tried Stadia yet?

Have you tried Stadia yet?

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