Renders ‘Spill the Beans’ on Next Version of Samsung Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds+

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Samsung only released the updated Galaxy Buds+ a couple of months ago, but already, the beans have possibly been spilled on the next version. If you’re curious about that pun, and why I will be referring to Samsung’s next earbuds as Galaxy Beans, then you should get a look at the 3D render below to see what I’m referencing.

Them is baby beans, dude.

As we can see from these renders based on 3D data, Samsung is changing up the design quite a bit from what the Galaxy Buds are now. This design will fit snugly into a user’s ear, and according to WinFuture, should be able to fit a wider amount of ears versus the current design.

There could be downsides, though. This design apparently allows for a looser fit in the canal, making ambient sound and noise cancellation not as good as they are on the current mode. The other possible con is a personal aesthetic opinion, but to my eye, these Galaxy Beans look more like hearing aids than they do ear buds. Not that that’s a bad thing, but they don’t exactly look all that comfortable. It looks like a kidney bean jammed down your ear hole.

If you’re curious what Galaxy Beans would look like in your ears, check below for a render.

We have no idea when Galaxy Beans might hit the market, but it could be later this year with the Galaxy Note 20 seemingly a good time to announce a new audio product. Maybe we could see a holiday 2020 shopping season release? We’ll keep you posted.

Thoughts on this design?

// WinFuture



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